British Invasion Years to Honor “Unsung Heroes”

In the early 1960s, Popular Music started out as a diversion from world events. However, over the course of the next several years, it morphed into a direct reflection of the times.

More importantly, Music acted as a critical connection to home for those serving their country half way around the globe. Unfortunately, the Vietnam War was unpopular to many citizens and soldiers alike, in part because it did not seem to be a direct threat to our homeland. Military personnel returning home from duty were not given a hero’s welcome, which had been the case in the past. National pride had sunk to a new low and it was a time many wanted to soon forget. But we can never forget…

The British Invasion Years is proud to announce that we will be acknowledging the important role Music played in the ’60s, through recognizing the contributions of those who served during this tumultuous time, by way of honoring a Vietnam Veteran “Unsung Hero” at select shows.

Stay tuned to Facebook & Twitter, as we will be reaching out to find worthy candidates and sharing their stories.

(Featured Photo: Oliver Noonan/Boston Globe; Guitar Photo: Getty Images)

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