One of the things that we hear most as a nostalgia band is how we bring back memories. It makes our day when a fan says, “You brought me back to a great time in my life, thank you!” That’s why we do what we do. Memories are very often warm and fuzzy, and generally, people have fond memories when it is connected to music.

One of the ways that we try to make our music sound like the original groups is by matching up band member’s vocals with the original artist. We are lucky that all four members can all sing. Sometimes Bobby sounds more like John in a Beatles song and I (Lee) will sound more like Paul. Jon easily moves from Johnny Rivers to John Sebastian and beyond, while Jeff mirrors the vocals of Mike Smith from the Dave Clark Five. It is the vocal diversity that this group possesses that allows us to closely match the many bands we include in our show.

Harmony is of course an equally as important part of the British Invasion Years as well. A lost art in today’s music, harmony was key if you wanted to rock and roll across the pond or right here on our shores. We are again lucky to have the band members who know how to lock into that tonality and meticulous blending that perfectly accompanies the band member next to him. Sure, it’s hard work, but it’s undoubtedly a labour of love.